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Otzdarva interview - Álex talks Dead By Daylight, apathy, and the risks of streaming

Gaming communities can be a little daunting. Knowing that almost everyone you speak to has much more information than you can be a little offputting. Otzdarva, like many other content creators, has provided hundreds of hours worth of tutorials and breakdowns, making joining that community just a little easier. I have never spoken to a Dead By Daylight content creator before. Though I enjoy the game quite a lot, I've never really found myself to be part of the community, so to speak. This is why

Dread Delusion’s James Wragg Talks the Game, His Inspirations and What It Means To Make Unique Art

Dread Delusion has been in the works for some time. A demo was initially launched as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc back in 2020 and now, two years later, it has finally launched in Early Access. To celebrate this launch, we sat down with James Wragg, the game's lead developer to talk about influences, the design process, and World War 1 poetry. "The Night is Darkening was the first game I put out. It was just a game jam. From putting out games like that, the main thing I learned was just th

Hearthstone interview - Modes design lead and Game Designer talk about Twist

Recently, Hearthstone has undergone a bit of a big change. Replacing "Classic" with a new mode called "Twist", the rules have changed and with that comes new design philosophies and ways of seeing the game. Essentially, this is a rotation mode that only allows you to play with certain decks or in certain ways, restricting players so they invent new combos and ways of using cards that are otherwise overlooked. Being such a big game, as it continues to grow, it becomes hard to balance cards in wa

Pearl Abyss interview - How Black Desert plans on expanding to the west

Black Desert is a game that's always eluded me. Picking it up almost a decade ago, I managed to enjoy my time but never really felt like I "got it". This is part of the charm of MMORPGs. You can play them for years and still not fully understand everything that's going on. Being one of the biggest and most robust out there, Black Desert offers both a challenge and an acknowledgement that we can never fully indulge in everything the game has to offer. Recently, I headed out to the Voice of Adven

Vokabulantis and the Language Barrier: How It Broke Through

It's hard to understate just how important language is. It's used to express love, confusion, anger, and sometimes even used to prove a point. Imagine how hard this sentence would be to read fi ti saw sdrawkcab? Vokabulantis, the new co-op game from Morten Søndergaard, Kong Orange, and Wired Fly, attempts to add a stop-motion style to a moving story about language and, if its Kickstarter is anything to go by, they’ve started on the right animated foot.

Exclusive interview with Randy Mosiondz, Lead Designer on Neverwinter

Neverwinter is thought of by many as the most in-depth Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG experience available on console. Free-to-play, it delivers a world rich in lore, full of quests and containing enough gameplay hours to keep you busy for years to come. It’s constantly evolving too – and that is never more true than with the launch of the recent Avernus expansion. We wanted to find out more about how Neverwinter and Avernus sets players up, and reached out to one of the Lead Designers on the game.

Exclusive interview with Hi-Rez Studios talking all things Rogue Company

Promising slick shooting, explosive gameplay and action movie flair, the upcoming launch of Rogue Company on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is one that has many excited. When we were given the opportunity to find out more about the game, and how the cross-platform magic was gearing up, we just couldn’t say no. And that is where Scott Zier, the Creative Director at Hi-Rez and on Rogue Company, came in… Hi. Please introduce yourself – what is your role at Hi-Rez Studios and on the developm

Exclusive interview with Doublehit Games in the build up to launch of Eternal Hope on Xbox One and PC

From the second we heard of Eternal Hope from Doublehit Games, we just wanted to know more. A puzzle-platformer that has been inspired by the artistic stylings of Studio Ghibli, the appeal was immediate. And so we reached out to the team at Doublehit to request a little chat, all in the hope of finding out more about the game. Gabriel Oliveira, the Audio Director and Sound Designer on the game, was more than happy to divulge more. Please introduce yourself – what is your role at Doublehit Games

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