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Why the Song of Healing is the saddest song in all of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a game that has stuck with me for a long time. I've never entirely known why. When I imagine playing Majora's Mask, I don't sense the buttons of the controller beneath my fingers or picture the light moving across the screen. I'm enveloped in an atmosphere - a feeling of some kind. As is the case with the game's predecessor, Ocarina of Time, I think this is partially due to the game's wonderful sound design. Majora's Mask picks up the story of Link after th

Little Nightmares: A Postmortem Analysis

Grief, loss, pain. These are all such funny things. Outside of the small vacuum they persist, they make no sense. Random actions, violence, even more pain. What point do they have? If we look outside the inexorable pull of that vacuum, we can piece it together. We can see a little nugget of humanity festering at the heart of bad actions. Little Nightmares knows this more than most games I've ever played and I'm not even sure it’s intentional.

Game Grooves: Dissociating to the Silent Hill Vinyl

Music is an incredibly important part of the way we see games. It can add levity to a tense situation or creativity to a normal one. It has the power to engross you or the ability to gross you out. A gaming soundtrack is more dynamic and grounding than a soundtrack in any other medium, and that sense of now is what makes them just so charming, especially when it’s something as harsh and challenging as the Silent Hill vinyl.

Pearl Abyss interview - How Black Desert plans on expanding to the west

Black Desert is a game that's always eluded me. Picking it up almost a decade ago, I managed to enjoy my time but never really felt like I "got it". This is part of the charm of MMORPGs. You can play them for years and still not fully understand everything that's going on. Being one of the biggest and most robust out there, Black Desert offers both a challenge and an acknowledgement that we can never fully indulge in everything the game has to offer. Recently, I headed out to the Voice of Adven

How good is the PSVR2 for fitness?

If you're thinking of picking up a PSVR2 for fitness, you'll be pleased to hear that it's a great way to get a little exercise into your life. Though VR fitness may not replace the gym , it can be a great supplement for when you don't really feel like going. And the PSVR2 provides a light and comfortable headset that's well suited to getting a swear on in virtual reality. We've spent a couple of weeks putting the PSVR2 through its paces and exploring the fitness options that it offers. It's a

Looking back to 2000 and the hilariously bad Daikatana

Duke Nukem Forever, Superman 64, and Daikatana. All of these titles are talked about in a similar sphere – some of the greatest flops of all time. Daikatana had a world-renowned lead designer, plenty of shocking advertisements and a huge budget. What could go wrong? Is it as terrible as we thought on release back in 2000, or is it a gem hidden in the rough? The world-renowned lead designer mentioned above is no other than John Romero, the guy behind Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. Needless to say

The Cyberpunk 2077 wait killing you? These 7 games should hold you over till launch

2020 is an incredible year for games but, evidently, its also an incredible year for game delays – namely those of Dying Light 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Marvel Avengers and, my favourite, Cyberpunk 2077. This means an even longer delay to the already seven year wait since the first trailer way back in 2013. Cyberpunk appears to be a close, personal, first person shooter/open world RPG, heavily narrative focused with each mission having multiple ways to finish. It’s easily the most ambitious pr

Celebrate Geek Pride day with these 6 video game in-jokes | Green Man Gaming

Games have transcended the simple act of being entertainment to the realms of art, and even culture. It is theorised video games have been around in some form since as early as the 50s but it has had a hold over our collective heart since it really entered the mainstream in the 70s. Well, today, May 25th, is Geek Pride Day and such, we felt it deserved a little appreciation. Geek is a word that has turned from stigma to something that is appreciated, to something ironic and back again so many ti

6 New Features We'd Like to See in GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto is a cultural phenomenon. From its roots at the epicentre of most of gaming's controversies all the way up to getting three releases of GTA 5, the legacy it has is clear. All this being said, there are more than a few new features fans have been clamouring for. With plenty of little hints at a new GTA game being in development, now seems like the perfect time to be vocal about what we want to see. As we've said before, bigger isn't always better in open-world games; Cyberpunk

Our Choices for the Best Games in the PlayStation Mega March Sale

Now is both a trying time and the perfect time to make your way through some of the last few year’s best titles. Playstation and we at TheNerdStash have you covered by suggesting the very best titles and deals in the Mega March Sale. This will only be our select few, but the entire list can be found right here. RPG fans are rewarded heavily with this sale, promising huge amounts of loot and even bigger creatures. Starting us off with 35% off is perhaps PlayStation’s best exclusive, Bloodborne.

Our Top Choices for Best Games in April 2020

Games are a terrific escape from reality when needed, a retrospective allegory for our world and society and everything in between. Now is the perfect time for all of that. Luckily, April has a fantastic range of horror, RPG and so much more. These are our choices for the best games out in April 2020. Let’s get into it. After a surprisingly solid entry in 2017 and the impeccable remake early last year, it’s indisputable that Capcom has come back as the king of horror. Needless to say, with the

Best relaxing games for letting your mind chill

It’s fair to say we all need a break sometimes. Relaxing games fit a niche that is badly needed now, two months ago, basically any time of year. No matter what you’re going through personally or otherwise, the ability for video games to whisk you away and offer you something a little different is unparalleled. Have a look at our pick of the top 10 best relaxing games, pick one at random and you are bound to have a nice chilled evening. Enjoy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Best Guns | What are the best weapons for multiplayer?

Your choice of weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is possibly the third most important aspect in playing well – after having an internet connection and actually having the game, that is. Luckily, Call of Duty has always been a game open to different playstyles and this year, it shows. Whether you like to run and gun or camp and cower, we have you covered with the best guns you can get your mitts on. Let’s take it by class types and regroup at the end for some general advice, shall we?

Best roguelikes to keep you saying "just one more round"

Taking its name from 1980 classic Rogue, the term roguelike is a little contentious. Categorized through things such as procedurally-generated levels, elements of permadeath and more, it can be hard to distinguish a roguelike from a game with roguelike elements. A roguelike will traditionally feature grid-based dungeons, permadeath and each run will be totally unique where rogue-lites will generally punish death but have a degree of incremental progress.

Best Subnautica Below Zero Mods (May 2021)

With Subnautica Below Zero now out everywhere, you're probably thinking of ways to expand your experience. Luckily, mods are the best way of prolonging the shelf life of an already big game. This is a list of the best mods currently available. Best Subnautica Below Zero Mods (May 2021) Mods will likely only get bigger and more adventurous in the future so this will just be what puts your head into the water, it won't take you to the depths. Before going in, make sure to get the QMODMANAGER 4,

Best Seeds for Minecraft 1.7

Minecraft is a game where resources mean everything. If you want to build something amazing or just a little hut, you can do that. This being said, starting out with the right resources is the best way of getting far. If you want the best base experience (and don't feel like riding dragons, installing mods or going to the depths) a good seed should help you on that path. Here are five simple but good seeds for you to check out. How Do You Activate Seeds? If you've played Minecraft before, the

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