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Heroes Awakening codes (June 2023) - Free spins

June 9, 2023: We checked for the latest Heroes Awakening codes! Heroes Awakening codes are a great way to get yourself some resources or free spins in the Roblox game. If you have found yourself a little behind and want a nice boost, this is a great way to get ahead. In this guide, we'll run through all the active Heroes Awakening codes you can use right now. Alongside that, we've got details on how to redeem these codes, and where you can check for even more in the future. Here are all the l

Endgame Gear XM2WE wireless mouse review - Brilliant and on-budget

Having a mouse that fits your gaming setup can be quite difficult. Though going loud and bright can really work, it is sometimes nice to go a little lighter, giving you some longevity. Though the Endgame Gear XM2WE didn't immediately blow me away, it quickly turned into one of my favourite mice. Almost all of the things I found myself constantly liking about the XM2WE are the most subjective elements of its design. I appreciate how lightweight everything feels, really like the click it makes, a

Project XXL codes (June 2023) - Free items and boosts

June 8, 2023: We checked for any new Project XXL codes. Project XXL codes are the best way to give yourself a head start if you have just started to pick up the hit new Roblox game. This being said, they give just enough freebies for long-term players to get some value as well. In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about Project XXL codes, from how they work to when we can expect more. Here are all the latest working Project XXL codes we can find: The following Project XXL

Lies of P preview - A real joy

Lies of P is one of those games I wasn't quite sure fully existed for some time. It came out of nowhere with an excellent trailer and theming, capturing just what people love about modern From Software games. Given it had little hype and the developer had only ever put out one game, it felt like a project too good to be true. That was until I finally managed to get it in my hands and give it a go. Though I only got a little time with it, I left incredibly impressed by just how smooth and great

Synapse hands-on preview - Seeing colour

Synapse is a game I've been passively interested in since seeing the first trailer in the PlayStation Showcase. Being intentionally esoteric, its trailers are designed to make you question what it even is. This being said, leaving players in the dark can only go on so long before they're left fumbling around for the light switch. That mystery has to pay off in some way. Though there's still a mystery at the centre of Synapse, the most recent trailer tried to address this somewhat. After being

Lego 2K Drive Review - A New Horizon

Lego has always had this innate ability to capture the magic of your childhood. The bright colours and creative builds help, but there's also this tone, both blisteringly sincere and incredibly goofy, which gives the toy a unique charm. Though Lego 2K Drive has this magic in spades, a poor in-game economy and technical hiccups hold it back from being as good as it can be. Lego 2K Drive is the kind of game I was desperate for as a kid. Though racing games took a while to fully click with my adol

Dead By Daylight guides hub

Our Dead By Daylight guides hub goes over everything we have on the game, from perk builds to mod support and more. With years of support behind it and more to come in the future, we'll continue to update here with new information as it comes out. Dead By Daylight can be a very tough game to learn, given it has over 30 killers, hundreds of perks, and a handful of constantly rotating maps. There's just so much information to learn. Luckily, once you've figured it out, the rest of it gets a littl

How to get Optimus Prime Fortnite skin

If you're wondering how to get the Optimus Prime Fortnite skin, you're probably looking forward to the next season of the game. While Epic Games has yet to definitively confirm that the Transformers character will headline Chapter 4 Season 3, the latest battle pass rumours suggest that'll be the case. In this guide, we go over everything we know so far about the Optimus Prime Fortnite skin. That includes when we can expect it to arrive in the game, and how we anticipate earning Optimus Prime.

Dead By Daylight best The Skull Merchant build (June 2023)

The best Dead By Daylight The Skull Merchant build takes advantage of all those drones to keep constant informational awareness of each map. They're the latest killer to be added to the long-running game, so you'll need a good idea of how to best utilise those new abilities. In this guide, we'll go over how to make a build for The Skull Merchant from what perks you should pick, which add-ons are the best, and more. Get ready to add a new killer to your roster! What are The Skull Merchant perks

Immortals of Aveum hands-on preview - A trick up their sleeve

I was given the chance to watch a little bit of gameplay from Ascendant Studios' Immortals of Aveum back in April, and I came away with the hope it could do well and the cynicism that it might not. Fast games rarely translate quite as well when you watch someone else play them. Luckily, from what I've played, Immortals of Aveum builds on the legacy of games like Call of Duty and Titanfall, whilst giving it a 2023 graphical and technical upgrade. Though I'm still not sold on the story just yet,

Ducky One 3 review - A pretty duckling

A good keyboard can make or break a setup. It's more than just how it looks or feels: it's often all of the above, and that extra little thing that makes it special. The Ducky One 3 is special in many ways, and has solidified its space in my setup immediately. Ducky is an interesting company. Dealing with higher-end mechanical keyboards, they have managed to solidify themselves with an almost boutique feel, yet that silly logo and name bring them back down to earth. In turn, the colours and sty

Magic The Gathering March of the Machine set review - Like clockwork

I became a little burnt out on Magic The Gathering last year. With so many new packs, mechanics, and styles, nothing settled long enough to really enjoy everything new. Though they are still being regularly released, March of the Machine furthers what recent packs have thrived in - continuity. Each pack now feels like a new arc in a story, working together to recontextualise and justify past decisions. Given how fast they come out, this is a wonderful decision that rewards returning players, bu

Dead By Daylight best The Singularity build (May 2023)

The best Dead By Daylight The Singularity build is one that use their perks and abilities to push opponents out of good spots. With the new killer on the horizon, it's crucial to get clued up as soon as possible. In this guide, we'll go over how to make a Singularity build that suits their powers, and how to get the most value out of them. As the new chapter is currently in a PTB, these are set to change over the coming weeks. What are The Singularity perks in Dead By Daylight? These are what

How to complete The Closed Door quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you're looking to know how to complete the Closed Door quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you have likely just started the game and need to learn many of its mechanics. Luckily, this is a great way of doing so. In this guide, we'll go over how to complete the Closed Door quest in the game. Since many players have reported technical problems with this quest, we'll also explain how to fix it if it has glitched. How to complete The Closed Door quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom You can com

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum review - Sauwrong

Games can be daunting for many reasons. The scope of The Witcher 3 is often so vast that getting lost in its tough world can be too easy. Games like Dead By Daylight and No Man's Sky have so many years of updates that you never quite know where to start. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is one of the most daunting games I've ever had the displeasure of playing, and this is solely down to how little love can be found in every rancid nook and cranny. Though there have been no shortage of perspective

Fortnite Spider-Verse Web Shooters - How to get and use (Chapter 4 Season 2)

The brand new Fortnite Spider-Verse Web Shooters bring quite a lot to a game that is still somehow growing. Fortnite has just crossed over with the Spider-Verse to celebrate the new film, adding new static and animated skins and some themed items. Given Chapter 4 Season 2 only has a few weeks left, this is a great way to end it. In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about the Fortnite Spider-Verse Web Shooters, from how to unlock them to how they work and more. If you know wh

Final Fantasy XVI preview - A regal start

Despite being numbered entries, Final Fantasy has thrived in just how distinct every game manages to make itself. Though they all hold the core of their world and theology, the themes and even aesthetics change. This has managed to keep it fresh for all these years. Though Final Fantasy XV's reception was left rather contentious and games like Stranger of Paradise and Forspoken have left a poor taste in fans' mouths, the charm of Final Fantasy XVI is undeniable. We recently got the chance to pl

Humanity review - Puzzlingly wonderful

Humanity is a game that is both forward-thinking and taken out of time. It follows many of the basic tenets of puzzle games founded decades prior but it tries to be so much more, and that tension is surprisingly endearing. In a sense, this growth reminds me of Tetris Effect. Though the gameplay is simple, it combines this with a slowly building intensity and pulsing, trippy music to tell a story greater than what it sets up. It is somehow both surprising and subdued - a wonderful expression th

How to grind rails in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Learning how to grind rails in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is practically necessary to get through many of the game's puzzles. Not only can you do it with items around you, but there's a returning technique from Breath of the Wild that will help you out. In this guide, we'll teach you how to grind rails in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Fortunately it's quite easy, ensuring you can skim around the vast open world very easily. How to grind rails in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom There are a handful of

Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses (May 2023)

Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses have finally been announced, and with them comes the promise of super-powerful recoloured Pokemon. The only way to get some of them will be through intense Shadow Raid fights, with the promise of a rare catch at the end. In this guide, we'll go over everything we know about the Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses for the month, and how to find new Shadow Raids when playing the game. So far, here are the Shadow Raid bosses we know can be found in the game according the t
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